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Delay Your Foreclosure Sale Date




We can set in place legal trustee sale delays from six up to 40 months depending on your given situation. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We typically postpone for up to 30 days at a time and continue doing so month to month!  We do not work directly with the lender, only the lender’s trustee.  So essentially we are skipping all the red tape and bureaucracy at the lender level and dealing with the entity that is really in charge of the foreclosure.

As you may know, the trustee does not want to foreclose on a property that has not gone through the correct process.  Whether that means at the lender, investor or trustee level.  The trustee will go to great lengths to verify that they have done everything correctly. We are also making sure that the paperwork that has been processed in the foreclosure process has been done correctly.

We are looking for minuscule things such as a valid notary being used to sign for paperwork or something more egregious as not notifying the customer within the appropriate time frame that their property is going to be sold because of foreclosure.  Below are a couple of key points for you to consider about our program:

  1. No upfront cost.  If we are not able to postpone the sale we will not charge the customer.
  2. The customer can continue working on a modification, short sale or any other workout program with the lender while we are postponing their sale date. 
  3. The customer wants to just stay in the house for as long as possible and doesn’t want to rent a new apartment/house to move.

A Trustee Sale Legality Challenge is only a TEMPORARY solution to keep the foreclosure sale date at bay but:

You don’t have to file for Bankruptcy to stop a sale in a Trustee State!  You can legally challenge your Trustee’s ability to foreclose. It only works in Trustee Sale states. (California is a trustee sale state). This can easily triple the amount of time that a trustee can take to complete the foreclosure process. It doesn’t work from the lender side at all. This purely focuses on the trustee side of a foreclosure sale.

We can use it to only delay the sale – not cancel the foreclosure.

It is a complex tactic that focuses on stalling the sale by focusing on the trustee sale legality. The trustee will eventually be able to finish the Trustee Sale but this has been used to delay the sale for 6-24 months average and up even to 40 months.

A homeowner may qualify if:

  • The Trustee Sale Date is 30 days or less from now.
  • You have filed Bankruptcy, been denied for a loan modification or a temporary restraining order was lifted.
  • You need more time to facilitate a short sale, regular sale or loan modification.
  • If you are renting from a landlord or losing your home that you want to stay in.

For more information, Contact us today for a free consultation. We make the process simple and affordable.

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